Hello there! My name is Jonny (Jonathan if you're my mother). I am a music producer/mixing engineer/music maker based in south east London.

Ive been creating sounds for an awfully long time, just shy of a decade to be precise.

I've mixed/produced everything from children's nursery rhymes for television and indie pop songs for radio to soundtracks for theatre and sound effects for film. I do all of my recording, mixing and creating from my personal studio in south east London and i wouldn't have it any other way.

I like to be completely transparent with the artists/creatives i work with. I myself have fallen victim to dodgy mixes and bad recordings over the years...my lord does it suck, really suck. Music is precious and so is time, so is money...so are YOU. 

What am i here for? Here goes - Vocal recording, production, mixing&mastering, soundtrack, voice reels, editing...Anything that involves sound, i'm here for that. I offer face to face sessions as well as online mixing if you haven't got the time to pop into the studio.

Everything you hear on my website has been mixed, recorded, produced and mastered by me myself and i. If you like what you hear and you want to create some beautiful sounds, then please get in touch.

**My pricing varies from project to project, however i run regular deals for theatre soundtracks - EP's - Multiple mixes/Masters**

P.s. Free cups of tea and biscuits will be provided if studio time is required, you may even get a smile...

Second P.s. Below is a picture of my face, taken shortly after i watched the final episode of GOT. Please, it's still too soon.